Photos of National Flute Association Convention - 2011

Hotel Westin & Convention Center; Charlotte, North Carolina


Isabelle with Jean-Louis Beaumadier, perhaps the world's finest piccolo soloist today.  If you have not heard his CD Piccolo Passion, you cannot imagine the flights of fancy this little instrument can achieve.  His performance of Andersen's Moto perpetuo defies the laws of nature.  Not only are his acrobatics awe-inspiring, Beaumadier plays with a sense of style and charm that can only come with a natural affinity for the piccolo.  Formerly Piccolo Solo with L'Orchestre national de France in Paris, he now pursues a solo career -- one of the few piccolo players to tour giving all piccolo recitals.  His repertoire extends from Vivaldi to Stockhausen.  In the late 1960s, Isabelle and Jean-Louis were students together in the flute class of Jean-Pierre Rampal at the Conservatoire national de Paris.


Jean-Paul Beaumadier gives a master class in piccolo.



Isabelle and Kate Steinbeck.  Kate studied with Isabelle decades ago.


Flutist Kate Steinberg performs program with guitarist Amy Brucksch at NFA Convention.  Here she plays Brasilian Musiques populaires.


Sergio Pallottelli brings the passionate lyricism of Luciano Pavarotti to the flute.  Here he performs François Borne's Fantaisie brilliante sur l'Africaine de Meyerbeer with pianist Lillian Pearson. 


Recital of flutist Michel Bellavance, flute prof at the Geneva Conservatory, who plays a platinum(!) flute.  I never heard a huge low register quite like this.  Whether this tone was the result of the platinum or the flutist I can't say.


Isabelle and beatbox flutist Greg Patillo.   Hey, dude!


Two great piccolos!  Jean-Louis Beaumadier with Matjaz Debeljak (Piccolo Soloist with the Slovene National Theater Opera and Ballet Orchestra in Ljubljiana)


Isabelle and Sergio Pallottelli



Isabelle, Jean-Louis Beaumadier and Michel Bellavance


Sergio Pallottelli gives master class in a Charlotte bistro on how to play a glass of water.  Yes, he was able to play tunes on his water glass.


Isabelle studies the technique of water glass playing with the maestro.


"I actually made a sound!" says Isabelle.  Naturally, her tone was French, not Italian.


Flutist Karl Kraber performs a program of chamber music.  He played two Mozart flute quartets: K. 331 and K 533 (arranged by Hoffmeister.)


Jean-Louis Beaumadier ruffles through the convention program book.  "What's next?"


An octet of piccolo playhers -- with Walfrid Kujala, famed Piccolo Solo with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on far left.



NFA 'Unity Through Diversity' Orchestra tunes up before gala concert.


It's a big concert hall.



A really big concert hall.



A concert of flute concertos.

Carol Wincenc played Lukas Foss' Renaissance Concerto; Marina Piccinini played the Borne 'Carmen' Fantasy; and Jean Ferrandis played the Flute Concerto by Yuko Uebayashi.